Matrimonial and relationship investigations involve areas from infidelity to family issues:

Divorce Investigation : a divorce is officially defined as the dissolution of a marriage contracted between a man and a woman. Any of the partners of a marriage can call for divorce but both parties must agree to completely nullify a marriage. Divorce records are available as a part of the vital records information.

Cases we investigate can result in a report for the client which says that their partner is entirely faithful. In some cases, we’ve found that their behaviour change is because they are planning a surprise for their partner, or are under some other kind of stress. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

To reach the truth and to help resolve the problem, we ensure you that our investigators are being equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the laws and issues related to matrimony, divorce, and legal separation.

Extra Marital affair : this investigation is the most essential for everyone who wishes to remove the mask of unreasonable means of a relationship. We offer extraordinary surveillance services for those peoples when they are in suspicions and feel that his/her spouse having any affair/extra relationship with someone.

The information during the process such as observing partner movement and his activities, social gathering and personal meeting, observing day to day activities, audio/video recording proof of cheating will be catered and compiled on the report. The technologies we used are advance and handled by certified investigators

Pre-Marital Investigation : we provide service and solutions on pre-matrimonial investigations where we can get you all the details about the bride and the grooms. Whether it is a love or an arranged marriage, we cannot assure if the person is true to his words, clarify all the doubts and make sure if the marriage proposal can be accepted or not.

  • Social Behavior
  • Marital Status
  • Family background Investigation
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Previous Marriage
  • The financial status of the Family
  • Alcohol/drug Abuse Investigation
  • Criminal Records
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Property Ownership